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There aren't really any poorly designed heads and shafts on the market anymore, excluding cheap clones and knock offs of course, just equipment that doesn't fit your very individualistic swing.  Over and above being fitted into an optimal head design and a properly performing (loading and unloading) shaft, "how" the club is assembled DOES matter, especially when it comes to "how" the shaft is installed, meaning a proper installation insures that the club bends same way every time!  Mass produced equipment does not do this even if you have been "fitted".  Swing weight matched irons for example, which is 94 yr old "technology", means that your 9 iron will require about 3.5% less energy to swing from Point A to Point B than say a 4 iron, yet the 9 iron weighs about 35 grams more (avg) than a 4 iron. 

Now does that make sense to you?  Something that weighs more (and not on wheels), is easier to move?  It doesn't cost anymore to insure that your clubs bend the same way or to insure that your irons all display the same amount of resistance which is what I do!  Where's the question?

Conquest Custom Golf was recognized by Golf Digest as one of the "Top 100" Club Fitters in the country in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, as well as being recognized again in 2017!  I must be doing something right!  Conquest Custom Golf is a "hands on" small business where golfers get VERY personalized service.  Check out my unsolicited testimonials link above! 

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Why Custom Fitted and Built Golf Clubs from Conquest Custom Golf?

Commercial retailers and professional independents as myself both use launch monitors, however there is much more to a professional fitting than just hitting a variety of heads with a variety of shafts using a launch monitor, which is what I call a retail "demo day"!  You can be trained and licensed as a Doctor and own a scalpel, but that does not make you a Surgeon!  In a commercial fitting (retail) you end up purchasing the exact same equipment that you would have received from the "factory" had you not been fitted at all.  Where's the benefit?  There is more to fitting than that.  

"Ethical Club Fitting" is the big difference!  On average, 20% of the golfers I fit do not need new equipment (unless they want it of course)!  Their equipment is so close to optimized that new equipment will not yield any appreciable gains.  Usually a "swing tweak" is the remedy, which most amateur golfers could use anyway, myself included.  

However, 80% of the time, an amateur golfer's equipment is NOT performing optimally relative to their unique swing.  It doesn't mean their equipment is "bad", it just means it does not fit their unique swing.  Sometimes I can use the existing head(s), but rarely if ever, the same shafts and grips.  The worse your equipment is, relative to your swing, the bigger the hero I look like as the results are greater!  I do not fit and build "magic clubs" but I am very good at what I do!

One of the biggest mistakes a golfer can make is trying to improve their swing with ill fitted equipment!  The most common misconception is that swing changes "after" being properly fitted could mean new equipment again.  Just not so!  Sure a slight swing path change may require a lie angle change with irons, but if you are taking care of your golf game and equipment properly, you should be getting your lie angles checked and adjusted yearly anyway do to ground impact so that's a non-issue!  There are only a few scenarios where a swing change could be an issue and I am the first to point them out, if they might be an issue.  You can count on a straight answer from me.  I NEVER try to force clubs on anyone.  Really pi**** me off when someone tries to force/talk me into something I do not want or need so I won't do that.  I protect my reputation like a diamond!

​​In the words of a local PGA Pro, ......... being fitted at Conquest Custom Golf is like getting a fitting "on steroids" compared to a retail commercial fitting.

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