Why Custom Fitted and Built Golf Clubs from Conquest Custom Golf?

Custom fitted and built golf clubs can improve your golf game by having
clubs fitted and assembled to "your" unique swing so that you do not have
to adjust your swing to fit your clubs!  How they are built matters!

A Professional Fitting by an Independent Professional as myself vs many
Retailers would be like comparing the culinary knowledge and meals
presented by a 4 or 5 Star Restaurant Chef to the Kitchen Manager of
most local restaurant chains.  I am just pointing out the educational and
testing equipment differences between the two and how they can impact
results.  It is not meant as an ill reflection of retailers.  I fit with over 200
driver, fairway, and hybrid shafts, and over 200 irons shafts.  Retail fitting
carts only have a few options.  Conquest Custom golf is the real deal!  

Proper fittings can be performed with name brand equipment like our
Mizuno or Callaway offerings or our high end Original Equipment Designs
like Miura, Wishon, Saqra, or Alpha, (no clones or knock offs here).  

If your objective is results at a fair price, you are in the right place.

Click here for an estimated cost and why!

You must be fitted properly first!  Click here to get a better idea of "how"
clubs are assembled by Conquest Custom Golf, see why they are different.  
How the equipment is assembled does matter.  The only golf businesses
that will tell you differently are those that cannot assemble properly or
the businesses that want the manufacturer to build them so they do not
have too!

In the words of a local PGA Pro, ......... being fitted by Conquest Custom
Golf is like getting a fitting "on steroids" compared to a retail fitting.  
According to most of our previous customers, the difference in the
experience is like night and day!  Check out some of our

What some of the Pro's like Tiger Woods and Jim McLean have to say
proper golf club fitting?

Click below to view some great short videos from one of the best golf club
equipment designers in the industry, Mr. Tom Wishon.  I strongly suggest
you take the time to view one or more of the following.

Tom Wishon Videos            Tom Wishon Consumer Site

The following are page links to explanations of:

MOI Matching               True Length Technology

Here is a great video about what to expect in a club fitting performed in
my shop.  The speaker is another club fitter and friend.


Download the "12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Game"
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Interested in a Professional Golf Club Fitting?

Conquest Custom Golf has been recognized by Golf Digest as one of the "Top
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