Finding a golf club maker on the Internet is not difficult. Finding a good one, however,
is more difficult than you might think. Many of the so called golf club makers online
are nothing more than hacker builders, often called "cut and glue" manufacturers in
golf circles because they take cheap parts in uniform measurements, glue them
together and call them custom built golf clubs.

A true independent, professional custom club builder must be certified by the
Professional Clubmakers' Society. To earn certification, I had to pass written and skills
tests to ensure that I have the knowledge and craftsmanship necessary to be
considered a professional club builder. I am proud of my Certified "Class A" Clubmaker
status and adhere to the highest standards.  The technology never stops, I am
constantly learning.  Conquest Custom Golf is also Certified as a Master Club
Fitter/Builder by the Association of Golf Club Fitting Professionals and a "Top 100" Golf
Club Fitter by Golf Digest Magazine.

Professional club makers know that to build a "top of the line" custom club takes time
and dedication. The reason for this is that each club must be made to fit the standards
of each customer. The fitting form is one of the tools I use to gather the necessary
information can I build you a truly excellent golf club. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact me via email or telephone.

As a professional club maker, I use only the finest club components. Conquest Custom
Golf has not earned its reputation as a quality club maker by using second rate
components. Savvy golfers will recognize the names of Callaway, Mizuno, Miura, Tom
Wishon, and Infiniti. With such great components that stand behind their quality, I
stand behind my workmanship of all of my custom built clubs.

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