The manufacturer of equipment covers any and all warranty issues, but I handle it for
you of course.  This applies to new equipment that was purchased through me directly.

All supplies and labor is provided/covered at no charge of course.   

Heads do break, though extremely rare.  There is not a head out there designed to be
hit on the toe, crown, heel, etc.  Breakage due to this type of impact is not covered.  
95% of all head breakage that I fix or repair, is equipment that I did not fit and build.  
That is not a negative reflection on golf equipment that I do not handle, it's just the
point that clubs do break, regardless of who manufactured them.......... it happens.  I
would be looking at who makes it hassle free to get your problem handled efficiently.

If warranty work is required for new equipment purchased through me, you are
responsible for getting the equipment to me, whether delivered to me in person or
shipped.  I will cover return shipping for US shipping alone.

Shafts do break, it happens.  Golf shaft manufacturers can easily determine whether a
shaft broke do to a manufacturing issue or whether it is/was abuse.  The shaft
manufacturer and/or Conquest Custom Golf are the sole decision makers as to what is
abuse.  Over 50% of all shaft breaks are covered.  You'd be surprised how many golfers
snap shafts over their backs, hit trees with them, or lean on them like a cane.  Golf
shafts are NOT designed to be able to handle this.

Any returns MUST have a Return Authorization Number (RA Number), which is provided
by Conquest Custom Golf.  Anything returned without this number (prior approval) will
be viewed, after 30 days as a donation to Conquest Custom Golf and then either
"dumped" on ebay, to which any and all proceeds will be kept by Conquest Custom Golf
or the equipment will be donated to one of many local high school golf programs.

This is not an all-inclusive return/warranty info page.