Bang Totin' Bonz
Bang "Tot'in Bone'z" Golf Equipment

High quality clubheads designed for the seated golfer!

Tot'in Bone'z Clubs are designed by a T-4 paraplegic who carries a
USGA handicap of 2. The Driver is built from the highest quality
PMKD Titanium. The Tot'in Bone'z Driver is your key to long,
straight drives while seated in your chair.

The 196g Driver is a generous 320cc high performance titanium
clubhead, with 14° of loft to get the ball up in the air to optimize
carry distance. The lie angle is a flat 45°.

The 214g 3 Wood is a generous 222cc high performance 15-5
stainless steel clubhead, with 16° of loft to get the ball up in the
air from fairway or tee. The lie angle is 48°.  

The irons have flat lie angles as well, available in a 3, 5, 7, 9, and
a wedge.  

Headcovers for the woods are included.

We recommend very flexible shafts to help you to get the ball
airborne.  We also will use Pure grips, a very high quality grip
made of their proprietary rubber compound that will outlast most
any OEM grip.

If you prefer a different shaft or grip, just let us know, your final
sell price can be adjusted whether that be up or down.

These are without a doubt, the best clubs on the market for the
seated golfer today - designed to be swung from a seated position
to help you lower your score.

With the aid of the design and manufacturing expertise provided
by great people at Bang Golf, ToT'in Bone'z has come up with a
solution to your problems on the course or at the practice range.
If you are forced to play from a seated position, these clubs will
save your game!
Bang Totin' Bonz
Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter
Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter