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Professionally Fitted and Assembled Custom Golf Clubs by Conquest Custom Golf

Conquest Custom Golf strongly suggests that you be fitted in person!  However if that
is not an option, you need to utilize the online
"Fitting Form".  I fit and build what I
consider to be the best components in the industry.
MOI Matched your Clubs < (click for MOI info)
  • I prefer to build MOI Matched irons because I believe this method results in the
    most consistent and best feeling irons you can possibly own.  If my name,
    business, and reputation are associated with a set of clubs, they will be
    assembled properly.  This is by far the best method in my opinion.  I will, of
    course, do as you wish. A well made set of taper tips, while not frequency
    matched, may be close.
  • I prefer to assembled in "about" 4/10's" increments for the best MOI matching
    results.  This reduces the length delta resulting in a more consistent set up at
    address.  Example .... a mass produced 3-PW set has a 3.5" length difference
    between the 3i and the PW.  Using my recommended length delta, there is a 2.8"
    length difference (See True Length Technology).  This 2.8" delta gives you a more
    consistent set up.  The shorter irons are just a bit longer, though minimally, giving
    you a more consistent spine angle at address.  Lie angles are adjusted for this.
  • Grips are weight sorted and built up if needed.
  • The fitting fee is $75/hr with an average final fee of about $150, for a driver OR
    iron fitting.  You are only paying for the Launch Monitor time (avg 2 hrs) however
    you can expect to be in my fitting studio 3+ hrs.  Fairway wood, hybrid, wedge,
    and putter fittings are available as well.  Each takes about an hour and have a fee
    of $75/hr.  Most will elect to pass on the fairway, hybrid, and wedge fittings as I
    really have a really good idea what and how to build each category from the
    other fittings.  If you want to be absolutely sure of the fit, of course I recommend
    the other fittings.  Custom clubs are not returnable, they are built FOR YOU and
    your unique swing.  This why we confirm first, that the new clubs work for you,
    before you purchase them, hence the advantage of a dynamic fitting over an
    online static fitting.  All fees are payable at the time of the fitting, cash or credit
    card, no checks.
  • Wood fittings and iron fittings must be performed on separate days as in each
    fitting you will execute many swings.  You may be strong enough, but when you
    take 60-75 swings in about 2 hrs avg, the "quality" of your swing usually suffers
    thus giving us erroneous data.  I utilize the state of the art FlightScope 3D
    Dopplar Radar Launch Monitor.  A purchase is NOT required with a fitting.     
  • Click here so see what valuable information the FlightScope Launch Monitor
    provides for optimal performing clubs.  Anyone can gather data.  There are many
    facilities out there that have a Flightscope or a Trackman, but how the data is
    interpreted is what counts!  After the data is interpreted, is the equipment being
    offered to you "customizable" to fit the data derived from the fitting?  Non-
    traditional lengths, exact face angles, exact lofts?  Forget what's printed on the
    head!  Just be careful.
  • Dynamic Fittings are performed at my shop on the northwest side of Cincinnati,
    Ohio, just off of I-75, near State Route 129 and 63, in Liberty Township, Ohio, by
    appointment only.  Please call or email me to schedule a fitting as I am booked 2
    to 3 weeks in advance most of the year (a good problem to have!).
  • To determine an optimal length for you in a dynamic fitting, we start with the
    traditional height and wrist to floor (WTF) measurement.  We then adjust the
    length of the test clubs with shaft extensions and utilize powder spray on the face
    to look for the most consistent center of face impact marks.
  • I then perform a head weight/MOI test to determine which MOI provides optimal
    feel and impacts for you.  That MOI is used for MOI Matching.  Total club weight is
    taken into consideration.  Swing weighted clubs are not MOI matched!  MOI
    matched clubs set each club up so that each club requires the same amount of
    energy to move the club from Point A to Point B.  
  • The difference between MOI Matching and swing weight matching?  With swing
    matched clubs, the 4 iron is a lighter club than your PW, yet the 4i requires about
    3% to 4% more energy to "move" the club.  The analogy would be that it is
    easier to push a 120 lb ball (the PW) up a hill compared to a 115 lb ball (the 4i).  
    Now does that make sense to you?  Not me!
  • I analyze your ball flight and trajectory with the FlightScope Launch Monitor and
    OptimalFlight Software.  I then can look at potential loft and shaft scenarios so
    optimize your ball flight.
  • I analyze your back swing to downswing transition, tempo, and wrist-cock release
    via high speed video tape analysis, to determine the optimal shaft profile for you
    and we then begin the test the "live" results of those shaft(s) with the optimal
    head(s) based on the Flightscope data.
  • I have NEVER had a golfer that didn't absolutely love the fitting process.  It's
    difficult not to get the "big head" sometimes as I quite often have golfers tell me
    that they have been fitted by XYZ and NOTHING compares to what I do it a
    fitting.  My job is rewarding!  I am a golfer too!  You will learn "how" a golf club
    works with respect to your swing.
For any online builds, special requests such as a specific length requirements, grip
build ups, etc, need to be addressed in advance.  If I have any concerns about your
order, I will email or call you before I begin.  Being fitted in person, by me is by far the
best way to go however.

Your clubs are assembled by me personally, not a high school kid with "this month's"
after school job.  I pride myself in being on top of most of all the state of the art
assembly techniques.  I am certified, accredited, and a member of many major club
making organizations, something that I invested many hours of my time and dollars
into, and I am very proud of it.  I am not a mass production "Cut & Glue" guy by any
stretch of the imagination.

I also recommend the very inexpensive ProSoft Vibration Dampening Inserts ($2.50
per club) installed in your clubs should you suffer from arthritis, "tennis elbow", or just
want a softer, vibration dampened feel.  
Click here or see the "Services" link above.   
For online static fittings, I make recommendations on club lengths, head design, loft,
lie, shaft, flex, and grip size, based on the information derived from my online
Form".  Many of the customers on my testimonials page are "online" customers that
had submitted the form.  Dynamic fittings are still recommended of course.

  • The following is a good description of the "Full Blueprint" club building process,
    irons specifically.  If using .355 taper tip shafts, this type of shaft is "pre-cut" at
    the factory.  I still Spine/FLO the shafts and reading below, you will see why.  
    With parallel tips I start by measuring each shaft, in terms of cpms, 15", 25", and
    35" from the tip (zone profiling) utilizing a 454 gram tip weight to sort the entire
    shaft set by stiffness, in order to determine "which" shaft goes into "which" head.  
    Shafts are not as consistent as you may think!  There is a lot more to it than just
    the butt frequency.  This step helps to insure a smooth frequency slope to help
    insure that each club releases at the same time.  This function is not performed
    with "mass produced" off the rack clubs!  These steps insure a smooth stiffness
    transition from club to club as well as insuring that each club bends the same way
    every time regardless of club path.
  • All shafts are spine aligned initially. Granted, some of your more expensive shafts
    probably "may" not require this process, but most of the time they do.  Shaft cost
    not relative to the spine lack of one.  I find FLO (Flat Line Oscillation).  I place the
    Flat Line Oscillation (FLO) plane that is closely associated with the Neutral Bend
    Plane (NBP) in the 3-9 o'clock plane.  This is accomplished by attaching a laser to
    the shaft and twanging it horizontally with a dry fitted head or a weighted laser,
    and adjusting the shaft until a flat oscillation laser line is obtained.  FLO takes
    precedence over the spining, if required.  This process has been proven to
    increase center of face contacts on the club face.  It doesn't guarantee it, it
    increases it.  There is no extra charge for this upgraded service.  It's the "right
    way" to build a club.
  • There is a reason why the SST Puring Van is at most PGA events!  Shaft
    orientation matters!  
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