Email Address:
Handicap or Avg Score:
RH'd or LH'd -
How often do you play?
How long have you been playing?
Wrist-to-Floor measurement in inches: Wear flat shoes on a
hard surface, hands at your sides, palms toward your legs, do
not tense up, do not look down.  Measure from wrist crease to
the ground.  The most accurate measurements are performed if
someone else takes them for you.
RH -
LH -
Using your gloved hand, measure the
distance from your hand/wrist crease to
the tip of your middle finger, in inches:
Length of your middle finger, from the tip
to where it attaches to your hand:
Driver swing speed or avg carry distance with center of face impact :
5 Iron swing speed or avg carry distance with center of face impact :
What club do you use from a 150 yards?
Any physical limitations?
Have you ever been fitted before?
What were the recommendations or
results of the fitting?
Have you taken lessons, if so, what were
the recommendations?
Do you plan on taking any (more) lessons?
What club(s) are you looking to purchase (driver, fw woods, irons, etc)?
If interested in purchasing woods/hybrids, enter the head brand and model of your
woods/hybrids, including loft, the brand and model of your shaft with the flex, weight,
and length that you currently play?  Enter "None" if you do not currently own them.   
If interested in purchasing irons, enter the brand/model of your current irons, the set
make up (5-PW?), the brand/model of your shafts with flex, the length and weight (if
known) that you currently play?:
What are you trying to change or improve upon?
Is there any equipment that you have used previously that you just did not like or did
not help your game and why do you think this?
Increased accuracy AND more distance are
both assumed.  Which is MORE important to
you?  Choose only ONE.
Accuracy -
Distance -
When you hit a poor shot, do you tend to:
Hit it low -----------------

Sky it ---------------------

Straight but not solid --

Don't know? ------------
Pull it --------------------

Push it ------------------

Hook it ------------------

Slice it -------------------

Top it --------------------
How would you describe your driver swing path?
How would you describe your 5i swing path?
What is the longest iron you hit with confidence?
On which part of the club face do you tend to hit the ball?
Toe ------
Heel -----
Center --
How do you know this?
Is your shoulder turn:
Full 90* -------
3/4 Turn ------
Less than a
3/4 Turn ------
How would you describe your transition from backswing to downswing?
Smooth - A distinct pause between the end of the back swing
and the beginning of the downswing, or a downswing move that
cause little bend in the shaft.
Average - No distinct pause, yet your swing does NOT seem to
be like you can't wait to "poor on the coals", when you start the
Forceful - On the downswing, you distinctly just want to "nail it",
or "come out of your shoes"
How would you describe your overall tempo?
Smooth - tend to swing the club rhythmically with little or a very
subtle sense of accelerating the club to impact
Average - You definitely display a sense that you are
accelerating the club to impact, with some sense of control, but
without a real sense of aggression in the downswing.
Fast - Definitely a sense of aggression in the downswing and
that you are really trying to accelerate the club and "hit" the ball.
How would you describe your release move, the point where
your wrist unhinges?  See pictures below for assistance.
Very critical,
accurate info needed
Early - Your wrist-cock begins to unhinge early.  It is characterized by the club
head immediately moving away from you at the beginning of the swing, or the
club head is straight out from the arms before the arms reach waist high on
the downswing.  Approximately a 10 o'clock release.
Midway - A major portion of the wrist-cock is held intact at the start of the
downswing but the wrists begin to unhinge just before the arms reach waist
high on the downswing.  Approximately a 9 o'clock release.
Late - You retain the angle between the shaft and the arms until the arms
reach, or are at or below the waist on the downswing.  Approximately an
8 o'clock release.
Early       Mid        Late
Photos of, and by, Tom Wishon (TWGT)
Please do not hesitate to ask anything, or add anything you think I need to know!
fitting performed with a professional as myself.  If an online fitting is "your" best/only option,
it is definitely better than buying a "one size fits all" club off the rack!  The testimonials from
the link above were from "online" fittings.