Custom Clubhead Refinishing

Golfin' Colors will take your clubhead and make it a work of art!

Powder coated clubheads are not only works of art, but in most cases, they are more
durable than the original club finish.

Golfin' Colors starting fee for powder coating a head is $60.  Send me your current
club and I will pull the shaft for you and send your clubhead to
Golfin' Colors and have
them powder coat/refinish it for you with your choice of color/finish.  They in turn, will
return the head to me.  For an additional fee of $25, I will re-shaft your newly powder
coated clubhead with your original shaft and orientation, and send the completed club
back to you.  You will pay "true" shipping cost.  Contact me for actual shipping costs.  
Now would be a great time to get your club regripped as well.

If you want a new club from Conquest Custom Golf with the custom powder coating
service, just contact me to purchase the components as you normally would.

Before purchasing this service, please visit
Golfin' Colors and decide on a color and be
sure to include the name of your color selection with your payment.

Golfin' Colors, you are limited only by your imagination.

Note: Custom powder coating work, like the pictures above, are priced by
Colors on an individual basis. You will only be charged the price of the job that Golfin'
Colors charges me.

Sometimes this service can take a little longer than expected due to the "peaks and
valleys" of volume.  Generally, about a two week time frame from the time
Colors receives the head, to when it is returned to me.

Quality workmanship takes time, it's not a race.
Heads: Par Colors …$60.00  Birdie Colors...$70.00 Eagle Colors...$80.00
*Custom Head designs are individually priced, $160 and up.
Shaft pulled & head shipped to Golfin' Colors: $10
Club re-assembled by Conquest Custom Golf (reglue'd to the way it was received) - $30
Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter
Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter