Train yourself on how to execute a "Late" Release!
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Good golf is building in the right set of movements so they become instinctive. Let your pro teach you
the correct stance, posture, etc. Then make these things natural and instinctive by repetitive
SwingRite practice. The SwingRite makes it possible to practice your golf swing in a confined space
without actually striking a ball. It enables full concentration to be focused upon technique without the
distraction of making contact with a ball. To improve your game, you should practice every day. The
SwingRite is designed to enable you to do this all year round, regardless of the weather. You can use
the SwingRite in your home, office, hotel room, on the range, anywhere you can swing a club! Plus,
using the SwingRite provides the benefits of vigorous exercise. The great thing about the SwingRite
is that anyone can use it! Men, women, and juniors of all levels can benefit. Choose either the adult
or the junior version, and choose your grip style…then you’re ready to stop throwing away power and
start playing the best golf of your life!

Swing the SwingRite just as you would a golf club…it’s as easy as 1-2-3! The purpose of the
SwingRite is to hear when the club head has released. A proper release ensures consistent shot-
making, both in distance and accuracy. Listen for the unique “click” sound and discover where your
hands are releasing. For the best golf shot, be sure that the “click” sound is occurring in the impact
zone (i.e. where the imaginary ball is). You can also adjust the head to make it easier or harder to get
that “click” sound to happen, thus working on your swing speed. Work on swing speed anywhere
between 55 mph to 125 mph.
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Putter Training/Fitting Aid - $269.95 plus "Real World" shipping
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Overview of the Perfect Putting Machine

The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine has been ordered by PGA Tour members, PGA teaching
professionals, golf schools and individual golfers of all skill levels. This is because all of these people
know what an amazing revolution this product is with regard to teaching, learning and practicing the
art of putting. The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine actually allows you to see and feel the perfect
putting stroke, which builds true muscle memory. The machine is adaptable to teach both the Square
to Square and ARC putting techniques.

Square to Square (STS)

With the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine set up in the STS mode you will be learning the muscle
memory of a SQUARE TO SQUARE putting stroke. In this stroke the putter travels straight back and
straight through on the target line. The face of the putter is always pointed at the target during this
stroke. This style of putting is used by golfers of all skill levels including PGA tour players, but may be
especially helpful for beginners and for practicing short putts.
Inside-Square-Inside (ARC)

With the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine set up in the ARC mode you will be learning the muscle
memory of an Inside-Square-Inside putting stroke. In other words, the putter travels INSIDE the target
line on the backstroke, returns to SQUARE at impact, and travels back INSIDE the target line on the
follow through. This stroke is thought by some instructors to be more natural and resembles a
miniature golf swing. During this stroke the face of the putter opens relative to the target line, but
remains square to the arc along which it is swinging. Most of the players on the PGA tour use some
variety of this method.

The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine has SIX different swing planes from which to choose.
Changing the planes is simple and takes only seconds.

Each Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine accommodates an optional clip
on, rear-mounted alignment laser ($59.95) that illuminates the target
line. The line projected by the laser will teach your eyes to identify the
target line and help you aim your putter properly at address.

Note: As with all lasers, the Z Factor alignment laser is primarily for
indoor use. The laser may not be visible in bright conditions or
Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter
Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter